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Gurjit Malli

Gurjit  was born in the West Midlands to a Sikh family, and came live in Devon in 2003 when he and his brother took over a newsagent business in Exmouth. Later this was sold, and Gurjit found more satisfaction in working in a nursing home, where he met his wife-to-be, Kym, who was already a Christian. Gurjit himself came to faith in 2008, after his housemate became a Christian and challenged him about eternal salvation. He was baptised in 2009. Gurjit & Kym now both work in Exeter, but live in Exmouth a short distance from Scott Drive Church, which they started attending in 2016. Both have a passion to reach unsaved people, and Gurjit has been involved in the church’s evangelism as well as serving in other ways. He was elected a deacon in 2018.

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