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Activities and Meetings

We meet together every Sunday at 10.30am to hear God’s word, to be encouraged and strengthened together in our faith, to praise & worship Him for Who He is, to pray together to Him, and to enjoy, and benefit from, the company of other believers.

Our morning services last for about 95 minutes (a little longer if there is communion), and at the centre of that is the time when we listen to God’s word, both read and preached. We believe that God has given us living words that will help us to grow into changed people, if we allow them to! Because we want to respect God’s word and gain as much as possible from it, our sermons usually take the form of systematic expository preaching – that is to say, we follow a particular book of the Bible, or a theme, through several weeks until there is a natural break.

We also enjoy singing good songs and hymns, both new and old, and twice a month we incorporate the Lord’s Supper into the service.

We also meet on Sunday evenings (sometimes late afternoon). These are more informal meetings where we may share some refreshments together, discuss further what we've heard in the morning, practise some new songs, and spend some time in prayer. On one evening a month we join with Emmanuel Baptist Church in Sidmouth for an evangelistic Cafe-style meeting. 

Wednesday meetings

During the week we meet on a Wednesday evening, alternating between a meeting focused on Bible Study one week and a meeting with prayer as the focus the following week. These meetings take place in the homes of members of our congregation.

Usually about the first Friday of the month we hold a Men's Prayer Breakfast at a local cafe, followed by prayer at the church.

On the first Saturday of each month from 4.00pm - 6.00pm we hold a Games Afternoon.  Board games, pool,  table tennis, quizzes and video games are included in our time together, and light refreshments are available.
Admission is free and all are welcome.

Please contact us for further details on any of our activities.

Who really is Jesus Christ?

Who really is Jesus Christ?

If you are a Jehovah's Witness, or simply someone who is interested in what the Watchtower has to say about Jesus Christ, do please take five minutes to read the following, and then prayerfully consider it.