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Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

Welcome to Scott Drive Church Exmouth

Scott Drive Church is an independent evangelical church affiliated to the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FIEC)

Church simply means that we are a group of believers who meet together to worship God through His divine Son, Jesus Christ.

Independent means we run our own affairs - there is no higher human organisation in charge of us which takes our money or tells us what to do!

However, we do believe that Jesus Christ is the head of our church, and we are under His authority - we are not independent of Him!

We also believe in the inter-dependence of gospel churches, which is one reason why we belong to an association known as FIEC and work with gospel-centred  churches from other denominations in the Peninsula Gospel Partnership.

Scott Drive Evangelical Church

Evangelical means we believe in the original gospel message that Jesus gave to his disciples ('evangel' is another word for gospel).

We find the  record of this gospel in the Bible, which we believe was inspired by God so that  generations after Christ could  still receive His message.

The word 'church' has actually got nothing to do with a  building, it just means a congregation!

For many centuries after Christ, most  churches had no  buildings of their own, and met  mostly in homes or hired  buildings.

We are fortunate today to own a building in Scott Drive - but the real church is the people!

The FIEC is a group of about 500 like-minded churches in the UK, with whom we work together, in particular to organise  joint events, conferences etc.

We have recently updated our Facebook page

Our Facebook page

You can't escape social media these days so Scott Drive Church has updated their Facebook page to bring our fellowship to the world!